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nhancing the ision of
earning in a irtual

The impact of the pandemic has been greatly felt by people and industries across the world. This includes most education institutions involving children, families, teachers, and other stakeholders. Despite this predicament, SNA SR adheres to its commitment in preparing youth for a changing world, and believes in its vital role in providing and facilitating a premium, reliable, and accessible education for all. Furthermore, the school continues to uphold its thrust on virtues of competence, faith in God, and discipline.

The current global crises set forth schools to reshape their curriculum and views on education. SNA SR continues to revisualize how optimal learning can be enhanced in a virtual setting. It EVOLVES through these key facets:

  • competence in ICT assisted instruction;

  • accessibility of learning opportunities using diverse teaching modalities;

  • resilience and flexibility in a new normal curriculum setup;

  • discipline, mental soundness, and productivity with e-structured environment; and

  • mutual trust and support among community, school, family, and with God.

In view thereof, a lot can be done to at least reduce the challenges in a virtual education system. SNA SR is committed to the attainment of the school’s mission and objectives while ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the school stakeholders and partner communities. SNA SR is one with the community in envisioning, not only a COVID 19-free, but a better society through optimal learning and spiritual formation of our students. We believe that with God, all things are possible.

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